sábado, 11 de julio de 2015

Seis habilidades para el éxito en la escuela y en la vida (pendiente de traducción)

These are the six skills students need to be successful in school, and in everyday life. If we think a bit about what is really important in school and life beyond it we could see that we can spend countless hours developing the greatest lessons, learning and using new technologies, getting creative with project based learning, attending talkfests on the latest theories in education, analysing the latest test scores and where we went right and wrong, but when it come down to it, maybe these six resources are really what we should be focussing on.

Ability to cope with the stresses in life, prepare for adversity by developing confidence and empathy.

Ability to make decision, solve problems, and create new ideas or use old ideas in new ways.

Includes accountability, decision making, motivation, awareness, honesty, problem solving, resilience, resourcefulness, persistence, and emotional maturity.

Effective relationships between teachers and student truth their teachers and feel that mutual respect exists.

Involves abstract abilities to empathize, to listen, and to be open to the perspectives of someone else. Grant students the benefit of the doubt and give them a chance to probe themselves worthy.

Students struggle to understand the text; they have no confidence in their abilities to make sense of reading.

A 90+ point average on your exam results means “diddly squat” if you haven’t become a resilient, resourceful person who knows how to be responsible and can work respectfully with others in stable relationships. And we can spend as much money, time and effort as we want in implementing whizz bang tech initiatives and new revolutionary educational programs in our schools, but if reading comprehesion isn’t the core of them, well… 

Most of these six resources haven't an easy to quantify, standardised data score applicable to them but it doesn’t mean we don’t make them a bigger priority in our school improvement plans. Makes you think.


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